MAIHANG is a plate with tripods for the purpose of eating food. It originates in Ahom Kingdom of Assam. Also known as baan kahi, was used by Ahom royals as a mark of their dignity and also showing respect to their esteemed guest.

It is made of Bell metal, an alloy of copper and tin. Bell metal is known for its shine, utilitarian and aesthetic value in Assam. Post Ahom era bell metal utensils continued to remain as a valuable items in any Assamese household in different forms. Having a MAIHANG at home and offering food on it is matter of great pride in Assam. It is believed that food consumption in bell metal utensils help in treatment of intestinal conditions and cleanse the body of unwanted minerals.

We at MAIHANG reliving this pride for last 15 years. It all started with a humble desire to celebrate Ethnic Food of Assam with the honour and pride of MAIHANG.

Assam, for that matter North East of India, is a hub of cultural and bio-diversity.  If you are in North East you cannot afford to miss the culinary delights. In an endeavour to facilitate it, our pioneer ________ started MAIHANG [A Restaurant of Ethnic Cuisines] in September 2009. He has vast knowledge of Culture, tradition and food of people from North Eastern Region. He is an avid food lover and food enthusiast.

The journey is so far good with love and acceptance by thousands of customer in savouring authentic ethnic food. Along the way Shri _________ another food enthusiast came in to take the cause forward.

We have succeeded in taking our outlet to 6 different locations across Assam and 1 in Delhi. People are loving it. We are looking forward to serve you better and open more outlets in near future.

Recently, Shri Saurabh Goswami has joined the team. He is a —– with 15 years of experience in industry. He envdavours to make our dishes and services even better. We invite you to test our dishes in one of our outlet. See you soon.